While we tend to think of aromatherapy as a nice smell there's more behind the scenes than just a pleasant odor.

Aromatherapy affects are parasympathetic nervous system which we use to rest and digestion.


By stimulating smell receptors in the nose a message is sent through the nervous system to the limbic system which affects our emotions.


When we smell a foul gym bag, dumpster, or garbage can we react with a frown, our body tenses, and may even make us squeamish. But when we surround ourselves with therapeutic scents such as lavendar or peppermint we experience a feeling of calmness, cleanliness, and refreshment.

Incorporating regular aromatherapy in your life style can have positive affects on your daily stress levels, mood, and even energy!

At Massage Smart we only use Young Living essential oils because what we breathe in and apply to our skin absorbs into our body. Using the most pure essential oils is essential to receive the maximum benefits.

Did you know by consuming some essential oils you can aid your body in digestion? By using the correct essential oils you can also incorporate them into your skin care regimen, food recipes, and more!

Remember when choosing your essential oil you want to choose them like you would the food you put in your body. Do you want to save cash up front and order a cheap fast food burger, or invest in a high quality grass fed beef? Organic produce, or produce enhanced with chemicals and loaded with pesticides? We get what we pay for and using a low quality "cheaper" oil will have negative affects that could be harmful to your body.

Create your own blend at home by clicking the link below!

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