Hello, Melissa here owner of Massage Smart, Body + Mind coach, and your local Atlanta licensed massage therapist!


My passion is working with busy professionals struggling with stress and pain management, who lack time for adequate self care, and are ready to shift out of their stress and pain cycle.

By combining massage and bodywork with a powerful body + mind coaching conversation to create healthy patterns around managing daily stress, reducing pain in the body, and finding long term results in as little as 21 days!


My schedule fills up quickly so only if you're TRULY ready to take a new course of action to find a new result click below and schedule your FREE body + mind coaching call with me, and fill out your application to be considered for my 21 Day Restore & Reset Series.

Be well,

M. Fargas

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21 Day

Restore & Reset

with Melissa Fargas

Results based therapeutic massage and body work

Muscle testing and charting

Customized strengthening and lengthening video plans

Body + Mind Coaching

Results in just 21 Days!

Techniques & Certifications

When you enroll in your customized Restore & Reset with Melissa Fargas you'll be working with a licensed, experienced, and passionate professional.

With over 7 years of experience and 160 + hours of continuing education you will work with a high skill level licensed massage therapist with an emphasis in training on Postural Analysis instructed by Rosario Perez Garza LMT and Co-Director of European Esthetics Institute with over 40 years experience. And Muscle Testing instructed by Rudy Scarfalloto Dr. of Chiropractic with over thirty seven years of experience as a health professional and teacher, and 31 years in chiropractic.

Melissa has studied under the best because you deserve the best!

Tailored to you lengthening and strengthening video plans

Results from full body muscle testing will show if there are any specific weakened muscles in the body that may be miss firing, causing persistent pain, stiffness, or soreness in the body. 

Based on your personal results you will be provided a customized strengthening and lengthening plan to bring balance to your body and reducing pain and dis function emailed straight to your inbox to work in conjunction with the hands on massage and body work as a part of 1 Day Restore & Reset.

Video plan application takes as little as 10 minutes to complete perfect for those who lead busy lives and have little spare time and energy in their day.

Body + Mind Coaching

A crucial part of  21 Day Restore & Reset and manifesting long term results is the Body + Mind Coaching application.

Ever wonder why it seems results from basic hands on massage and body work seem to fade in just a few days? Failure to connect the body and mind is the most common mistake many health care practitioners and body workers fail to address in their sessions keeping you from achieving the results you seek.


At the end of each hands on session you will receive a Body + Mind Coaching session. In your session we will identify what keeps you in your stress and pain cycle, what possible solutions fit in your life style you can begin to apply immediately, and what new patterns you can incorporate to better serve you and shift you out of your stress and pain cycle.

The tools and results you will find in only 21 Day Restore & Reset will last a life time.

Results in 21 Days

I'm curious what would happen if for 21 days you focused on reducing stress and pain in your body?


What would your body feel like?


What activities have you given up on could you now enjoy again?


The 3 Excuses I hear the most keeping so many from achieving results are:

1. Lack of time

2. Lack of finances

3. Lack of convenience

That's why I've created a results based program to:

1. Value Time - Obtain results in only 21 days requiring only 3 office visits

2. Value Finances - Reduce overall annual cost of on going stress and pain management

3. Value Convenience - Customized lengthening & strengthening video plans sent directly to your inbox requiring only 10 minutes per day to complete

If there's one thing I know for sure it's this...

If you dont' take a different course of action, you will never get a different results.

If you're TRULY ready to take control of your stress and pain instead of letting your stress and pain control you schedule your FREE Body + Mind coaching call and learn what results you can see with 21 Day Restore & Reset.

Want to find out what 21 Day Restore & Reset with Melissa Fargas can do for you and your life?

While dozens of applications are received each month, spaces are limited and acceptance into 21 Day Restore & Reset is limited only to those who are committed to shifting out of their stress and pain cycle.

Are you TRULY ready to get results and shift out of your pain & stress cycle to claim a better life for yourself?

Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world."

-Lucille Ball

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