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Relief in your first massage or your next session is FREE!
With over 10 years of experience in massage & bodywork, you're just one click away from relief from your back and neck pain provided by an insured, experienced professional.
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Hello and welcome to the Massage Smart family! Camille here, a small business owner at Massage Smart, a teacher, and your new local Ridgecrest licensed massage therapist! 


Taking on the role of "massage therapy provider" to a new level with my unique and creative approach to providing therapeutic massage therapy services connected to the body and mind.


At Massage Smart I strive to bring a fresh perspective to massage therapy services and programs for individuals, corporations, and fellow wellness practitioners.

Identifying the root cause of your pain is a key factor to successfully living pain-free long term. This is achieved by supporting both your wellness and professional goals in and out of the treatment room. At Massage Smart I provide you with massage therapy services and wellness programs across multiple platforms to provide pain relief solutions where and when you need it most!

I have over 10 years of experience managing, coaching, and training teams and individuals in reaching their goals in retail, restaurants, and health and wellness industries as well as an additional 5 years building, growing, and maintaining a successful massage therapy practice built from the ground up!


I have found grounding clarity in my purpose by channeling my zeal to identify root problems to achieve effective and simple solutions combined with my natural ability to adapt creative thinking across multiple industries into meaningful work with my grounded wellness perspective. I now use all my gifts, knowledge, and experiences with those struggling to eliminate pain, sustain long-term results, and provide a supportive community to my fellow wellness practitioners, industry-leading corporations, and sole persons.

Be well,

C. Fargas

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