I know, I know, I know...

you've heard it all before.

To live a healthy lifestyle you should eat healthy foods, get enough sleep, exercise, drink water, stretch and some how maintain a full time career, kids, relationships, and set aside some personal free time.

Yeah, in a dream world right?

The reality most of us live in are early mornings sleep deprived dependent on that morning coffee just to get going. The career you've worked hard for awaits and you begin to feel the pressures and stress already building for that 9 am meeting that awaits.

Then begins your hour commute to the office where that daily headache, shoulder, and back pain begin to rear their ugly heads for the day. After 8-10 hours of desk work and meetings, it's another hour commute home and another night of take out because who has the time or energy to cook?

While our friends and family are off enjoying their evenings and weekends you're stuck recovering on the couch from that headache that is now a migraine, that dull back pain that's so severe you can't even bend down and untie your shoes, and the exhaustion from giving our all everyday because that's what rock stars do right?!

The worst thing about this?

Everyone is trapped.

Instead of enjoying that career, new promotion, or salary bump, you're now in a pain cycle causing you to spend that extra income on endless doctors visits, medications, physical therapy, and using those hard earned paid vacation days to get by.

You're not the productive, quick thinking employee you promised your boss when bringing you on board, or assigning you to the project you've been begging for.

Needless to say, not quite how you envisioned your life when you received that diploma and entered this next chapter of your life.....

But what if there was a better way to live your life?

A way that would allow you to take care of yourself the way you take care of matters at the office?

A way that allows you to wake up refreshed and energized and still having energy for your free time to enjoy the activities you love?

And a way that allows you to increase your productivity reaching new heights in your career in addition to your life?


Restore & Reset

with Melissa Fargas

Developed for busy professionals with a desire to live a healthy, happy, and pain free life. A customized Restore & Reset journey with Melissa Fargas will show you how to elevate your health and wellness lifestyle in conjunction with your fast paced career.

Your customized Restore & Reset program is a highly effective body work program to incorporate in and outside the treatment room. Focusing on stress relief, physical pain relief, and creating over all body mind balance you can achieve.

Specifically designed for busy professionals who already incorporate health and wellness into their lifestyle, but struggle with consistency and finding the time for their health and wellness goals. Your customized Restore & Reset  path with Melissa Fargas will support you in finding the pain free, stress free, balanced lifestyle you seek.


Although dozens of you will apply there are only a select few spots available for those who qualify per month for this opportunity working closely with Melissa Fargas.

Are you ready to claim a better life and career balance for yourself?

What support will you receive?

When you enroll in your customized Restore & Reset with Melissa Fargas:

Tailored to you...

Being a part of the 21 Day Restore & Reset process will not only help you live a stress free and pain free life, but will also help you reach your personal as well as career goals.

I have witnessed time and time and time again over the years when you make the internal shift within, you naturally attract opportunities to reach your goals and elevate your life.

How you show up and receive this work empowers the right opportunities for you to embrace your fullest life in and outside the office.

You will learn correct application...

Just like being a high level professional is more than just showing up on time and "doing a good job", applying effective holistic therapy is more than just "drinking water and repeating namaste."

When you are ready to commit to making this body mind shift you'll unlock the hidden potential inside you to excel in and out of the office and finding your balanced lifestyle. Melissa will teach you how to effortlessly combine your powerful customized plan with modalities specifically catered to you and your goals.

Together we will incorporate wellness into your busy lifestyle...

When you enroll in your customized Restore & Reset program, you'll learn how to create space for yourself into your busy lifestyle, and give you the skills to apply your modalities to live your pain free, stress free, balanced lifestyle you seek.

Learning how your wellness is not just "another chore" but a way to live your most powerful  balanced life, obtaining life changing skills you will own for your life time.

Don't Worry...

I'm not suggesting you drop everything and live the life of a monk - especially if you have family or friends that depend on you.

Instead you're invited to adopt three simple tools to incorporate in your custom health and wellness lifestyle that you will create. Together we will iron out any kinks that may arise with my full support.

Not only will this allow you to mentally and physically feel better, but will also allow a return on your investment with your increased energy, body mind awareness, and increased day to day focus so you can live the balanced life you seek.

If there's one thing I know for sure it's this...

The time you invest in your customized Restore & Reset journey with Melissa Fargas learning how to implement effective wellness tools for your lifestyle will last you a life time. In fact, making this shift is probably worth 10x your investment in your customized Restore & Reset program, and then some!

If you're ready to live a pain and stress free life, conquer your career goals, and enjoy your free time click below and lets set up your break through call!


I play tennis a good bit and have gotten lots of massages over the years for muscle soreness . More so now than when I was younger. Massages have always helped for that and just general relaxation. Melissa is one of the best masseuses that I've ever had, and I've had a lot. Always courteous and professional. She has also shown me some stretching exercises that have been helpful with knee and arm pain. Would definitely give her a 5 star rating!

-Doyle Long

Want to find out what Restore & Reset with Melissa Fargas can do for you and your life?

While dozens of applications are received each month, we only extend a handful of invitations to those who apply.

Are you ready to join Melissa and claim a better life for yourself?

Hello, Melissa here your local Atlanta massage therapist, and mind body coach! My passion is working with busy professionals struggling with stress, anxiety, and imbalanced lifestyle.


Guiding each individual from a repeating cycle of negativity and chronic pain to the positive lifestyle and pain free environment they have so longed to enjoy. We will work together to create a lifestyle you want and can enjoy. A life filled with increased energy, great sleep, stress free, and work and personal life balance.


Are you ready to make a positive shift in your life? Let's get started by clicking below, fill out your application and schedule your break through call today!

Be well,

M. Fargas

Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world."

-Lucille Ball

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