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The Office

Located off of South Lumill Street the private treatment room is in a home office. The treatment room is crafted with every detail considered. Lay in the bed of luxury on soft microfiber linens designed to wick away moisture from the body keeping you comfortably cool while providing a smooth and velvety soft texture to cradle you away into a world of bliss. Massages are provided with organic coconut oil to give not only a smooth glide on the skin but also naturally has vitamin E which is absorbed through the body's skin keeping you moisturized and glowing. All products are natural and organic with no parabens or artificial scents that can cause skin rashes and headaches. Lastly, the treatment room is stocked with the best therapeutic tools to deliver maximum relief. Services include aromatherapy, soothing hot stones, therapeutic cupping, refreshing and exfoliant foot and back scrubs, shiatsu style face massage, and percussion massage gun. Pressure during your massage is customized to your needs and desires providing you maximum relief while leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized.


Mobile Massage

Mobile massage therapy services are provided in the comfort of your own home. Offering expertise in trigger point therapy, therapeutic massage, stretching, and muscle testing. Services are customized for each and every session and for each and every guest. Focus is kept on your problem areas, education on self-care, and always the time available to listen to your needs and answer your questions. Stay smart!

Mission Statement

To change lives each and every day through massage and body work with continued education for both clients and massage therapists to reach our individual health and wellness goals. We strive to stay smart.

Meet Camille Owner, LMT

massage therapist ridgecrest

Camille is the Owner & Founder of Massage Smart and a seasoned licensed massage therapist with over +10 years of hands-on experience and 200 CE training hours. After leaving her position as the Lead Therapist at Massage Heights Buckhead she went on to begin her own practice with high values in education for both herself and her guests. She is passionate about health and wellness and focuses her skillset on therapeutic massage providing customized wellness plans and services for guests interested in taking control of their health and reaching their overall wellness goals. In her spare time, she studies Software Development at Mercer University and enjoys rock climbing, running, and spending time with her two dogs.

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